2016 Presidential Debate Hosted by WorldStarHipHop.com

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In an effort to appeal to Millennial voters, the organizers for the 2016 Presidential Debates have chosen to host the expectedly heated debates exclusively on WorldStarHipHop.com.

WorldStarHipHop, best known for its videos of people fighting, twerking videos, and the occasional rap video is judged to be the best platform to capture Millennial attention. The Millennial demographic has quickly turned into one of the most sought after demographics in the Presidential Race, and both candidates are willing to do whatever they can to win them over. “I love WorldStarHipHop!” said Hillary Clinton. The Donald Trump campaign refused to speak on the subject.

“Many Americans spend a minimum of four hours per day watching videos on either Facebook, Youtube, or other sites like WorldStarHipHop. It would be foolish to ignore these statistics and keep broadcasting the debates on TV. Most Millennials don’t even pay for cable anymore and to engage them you need to meet them where they are,” said digital media analyst Jeb Velichik, who continued on to say that hosting these debates on WorldStarHipHop would expose voters to a plethora of new opinions and content. “We encourage Americans to broaden their horizons and really get a feeling for what is out there on the Internet. The Internet is full of such species advancing content that often goes overlooked.”
The Millennial turnout rate in the upcoming election is going to be a critical component of the election. The World Star Hip Hop campaign to convert apathetic Millennial voters into eager and productive members of society is going to be the main strategy. “One of the best ways to reach your target audience is to meet them on their platform, and the platform for the majority of the 18-24 year old vote is on sites like World Star Hip Hop.” continued Velichik.

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