Detox Tea Market in Shambles After Instagram Crashes for a Few Hours

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The scene outside the headquarters of Skin-E-Tea is one of laid off employees carrying their belongings in boxes, tears, and a fire sale on Skin-E-Tea’s best-selling detox tea. The inside of the office is a disarray of empty cubicles and tea leaves. Prior to being escorted out of the office by a weeping security guard, we got a chance to see a makeshift war room for a sales unit.“SELL! I DON’T CARE FOR HOW MUCH. JUST DO IT!” we overheard Senior Vice President Brody Patterson give the final orders to the remains of his team, “WHO THE FUCK LET REPORTERS IN HERE!?” Skin-E-Tea is one of the first Instagram detox tea companies to declare bankruptcy in the wake of the temporary Instagram crash.

It’s difficult to scroll through an Instagram feed without coming across an extremely good looking person praising a detox tea for their toned stomach and chippy attitude. The celebrity and Instagram model endorsed diet teas have seen a massive plummet in sales in the past 36 hours due to an Instagram crash that left thousands of users unable to log into users on Monday.

A group of Instagram models and fitness bloggers have gathered in solidarity to start a GoFundMe campaign for those that are now out of work due to the Instagram crash. “I can’t believe I gave up modeling in New York to work here…just to wake up and not have my job anymore,” said Jessica Maddox, an Instagram user with a following of over 2 million. “My severance pay is a year supply of Skin-E-Tea. What am I supposed to do with Skin-E-Tea? I’m 90 pounds I can’t keep doing this.”

As of Tuesday at 3:00PM, sales for Skin-E-Tea have dropped 95%. The market for detox tea is down an average of 86%.

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