Donald Trump Disinvites eSports Star Pussy_Slay3r_2002 from White House

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President Donald Trump’s barrage of pulling invitations from the sports world continues with his withdrawal of the invitation of League of Legends superstar Pussy_Slay3r_2002.

Pussy_Slay3r_2002, known as Sandy Cartier, stated that he wasn’t going to go due to prior commitments with his friends at Sawgrass Mills Mall and that “he didn’t really feel like it because the White House is gay”.

Pussy_Slay3r_2002’s comments received a surprisingly rapid response from the President’s Twitter account pulling his invitation, and also calling him a “LOSER.”

The world of eSports showed its support for Pussy_Slay3r_2002, with numerous players commenting on the subject.

D3str0y3r_0f_w0rlds, a 16 year old League of Legends prodigy, commented “LOL @realDonaldTrump you’re mom is disinvited from my bed”

Skillboy3000, a level 126 in Runescape, commented “@Pussy_Slay3r_2002, this guy is just an old fagit”

Legless_leg0las44, a member of Pussy_Slay3r_2002’s clan, stated “@realDonaldTrump is making america GAY again lmfao.”

There has been no further comment from Pussy_Slay3r_2002 or the Cartier household. We will do our best to keep you updated on whether Pussy_Slay3r_2002 gets grounded.

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