Dr. Pepper Puts “Dr. Pepper Spray” Commercial on Hold

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After Pepsi’s recent commercial fiasco involving a certain member from the cast of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, spokespeople from Dr. Pepper claimed they will hold out on their new commercial until “the waters quiet down.”

The commercial is action-packed, featuring a member of an unnamed police department utilizing a can of Dr. Pepper as a pepper spray replacement. Instead of being doused in flaming hot pepper spray, protesters are overjoyed that they have actually indeed been sprayed with the sugary corn syrup that is Dr. Pepper.

“This is mein baby,” said commercial director Von Heim, “I know this magnificent country of yours has been through some tough times, and zis gives us an opportunity to really bridge, and how you say, mend ze fences, in American society.”

The final rendition played on the projector screen as a single tear welled up in Von Heim’s eye.

The commercial, initially scheduled for April, can be expected to play in June.



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