Elon Musk Left Foot to Buy Elon Musk Right Foot

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In a blockbuster acquisition offer, Elon Musk Left Foot outlined a $3.6B offer for Elon Musk Right Foot. Having founder equity in both, there are numerous outcries for a conflict of interest. The offer still needs to be approved by shareholders of both Elon Musk Left Foot and Elon Musk Right Foot.

This is plain and simple Elon Musk’s overarching plan for world domination. Sources claim that the synergy between Elon Musk Left Foot and Elon Musk Right Foot will help Elon Musk to move forward at a much faster rate. Elon is taking major steps and meaningful strides to conquer Earth before his final goal of getting to Mars. In Elon Musk Left Foot’s public letter to stakeholders and the press:

“Elon Musk Left Foot’s mission has always been tied to moving forward. We seek to accelerate the world’s transition to forward motion. It’s now time to complete the picture. The truth is, we cannot truly move in the right direction without an entity like Elon Musk Right Foot. We’re excited to announce that EMLF has made an offer to acquire EMRF in full. If completed, we believe a combination of Tesla and SolarCity will provide significant benefits to our customers, shareholders, and employees. Here’s to moving forward.”

A step in the right (or left) direction, or a corporate blunder. Only time will tell.


*All hail our overlord and savior Elon Musk.

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