Mark Zuckerberg Spotted in Burglar Costume Outside Snapchat HQ

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Hours before Facebook’s F8 Conference, sources say Mark Zuckerberg was spotted outside the headquarters of Snapchat with a loaded burlap sack.

Tony Romero noticed a man in a striped shirt carrying a burlap sack around the Snapchat headquarters. “First I thought it was just another one of those skater kids, but he didn’t have a skateboard on him. He had a sack. It looked full. I don’t know with what but there was definitely something in there,” Romero said while inapproriately motioning a sack of some sorts, “I noticed he looked a lot like that Facebook guy. It was definitely Zuckerberg.”

The encounter developed as follows:

Romero: “Yo Zuck!! What are you doing, man?”

To which a startled Zuckerberg replied:  “I’m giving them the FUCKING ZUCK!!!'”

Police were notified but were not able to make it to the scene of the crime. Several thefts of algorithms and ideas were reported in the Venice Beach area, but there is no evidence to link Zuckerberg or Facebook to any crimes.

Paul Ratliff, the cigar toting detective assigned to the Venice Beach, first noted a pattern a few months ago. “We don’t have any evidence linking Zuckerberg to the case,  but we’re working hard to nail this bastard. Whoever he is.”


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