Pokemon Go Chronicles – Voltorb Knows It Won’t Be Used for Good

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The sudden and meteoric rise of Pokemon Go has had its downsides as well. From a teen discovering a body in Wyoming to traffic accidents across the country, the most dangerous event is the capturing of a Voltorb by the Islamic State. Voltorb is an Electric Pokemon notorious for its self-imploding powers. Aerial drone surveillance footage showed that a member of the Islamic State within the ages of 19-32 caught a Voltorb after using 4 Pokeballs. “I honestly don’t know what they could possibly use a Voltorb for except something very, very bad.” commented drone pilot Scott Dilbirck. “It’s the type of Pokemon you don’t want in the hands of bad guys.”

Local gyms have been placed on high alert. We will keep you updated as this is a developing story.

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