World Expects Prolonged Period of Peace after Man Tweets “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

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Area man Lyle Davies, better known to his 361 followers on Twitter as @LyleDavies44, tweeted “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!” on the morning of July 8th at around 10:27 AM. The tweet received three favorites and one retweet. In a joint press conference, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin expressed their united relief in the anticipated prolonged period of peace. A teary eyed Barack Obama stated, “The day has finally come. With the support and tweets of individuals such as Lyle Davies, we can finally experience prolonged peace for the first time in the history of humans.”

Today was not only a huge step forward for mankind, but a large leap for the @LyleDavies44 Twitter account, as it grew from 361 followers to 368 followers as of July 8th at 6:43PM. The tweet was preceded by a “Fuck Kevin Durant bro, NBA is not even gonna be fun to watch anymore” on July 5th. Kevin Durant’s contract with the Golden State Warriors has since been terminated and Kevin Durant has been placed under house arrest in Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City.

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